5 underrated tips for Castle Clash

Are you a fan of base-building strategy games? If so, then you should check out the Castle Cash Game. It’s somewhat similar to “Clash of Clans,” but it’s unique enough to provide you with a great gaming experience. If you want to improve your gameplay here are also some helpful tips:

Construct the Arena ASAP

This is a key step to take when playing castle clash android. This will allow you to begin earning Honor Badges (HB) and boost your rank to increase your hourly HB. AT first, you’ll get 50 each time. However, that number rises to your arena as your battling rank also does.

If you become a top Castle Clash Game player, you can rack up thousands of HB per hour. That’s right! Then use those HB to go to the Heroes’ Altar and hire some more heroes from there.

Target Town Hall

castle clash hacks toolIf you do that, then you’re almost guaranteed a victory when playing “Castle Clash.” In fact, if you destroy the Town Hall the amount of damage that you do won’t mean anything. This is a plus when playing the mobile game.

What if you don’t destroy the Town Hall? In these cases, you’ll have to inflict 50%+ damage. In the case, you need a fast win and want to save troops, end the battle immediately after you destroy the Town Hall. That will allow you to proceed to the next battles.

Put your buildings close together

This is an important as using a castle clash hack. What’s it all about? Make sure to take this step when playing “Castle Clash” so you can use the wall to surrounding your buildings without the need to build more walls than usual.

This also gives you the ability to build walls rather away from your buildings. That will make it tougher for troops to shoot over your balls. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid when playing the mobile game.

Use your troops strategically

This is yet another key step to take when playing the Hacked Castle Clash game. There are 4 main types of troops. They include short-range quantity attacker, long-range quantity attacker, magic user, and tank.

First send in the tanks so you can distract watchtowers. Then send in short/long range quantity attackers. The last wave should be the magic users.

Boost your Town Hall level quickly

Not only should you increase your Town Hall’s level but you should do it as fast as possible. This will help to maximize your army’s size. The more you can level up your town Hall when playing “Castle Clash” the more army camps/hero camps you can construct.

That, in turn, will greatly boost the size/power of your army. You can then send in big armies each time you go to battle. The reason is you’ll save troops using this method. This will help you to win the numbers game.

These are some of the top tips for playing “Castle Clash.” It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but can still provide hours of mobile game fun!

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