More Tips & Tricks for Castle Clash Game

castle clash hacks toolDo you like mobile strategy games? There are tons to choose from, but one of the top ones is the Castle Clash Game. As with similar Castle Clash android games, knowing some key tips and tricks can help you to do better in the game and thus enjoy it more.

There are several tips/tricks and here are some of the top ones:

  1. Collect resources when mines refill

This is another helpful tip for “Castle Clash.” What’s it all about? Another case you should collect resources is when they’re required to build/upgrade something.

There won’t be any need to have many resources that aren’t doing anything. That’s because they’ll be vulnerable to attacks. It’s not worth wasting your troops for a few hundred/thousand resources. So this option will make you safer.

Not only that, but you’ll also have the benefit of just using your personal resources. You won’t be doling them out to other players.

  1. Remember the dungeons

The single player campaign gives you just a few resources. However, it also provides hero shards. They can be used for recruiting heroes.

Be certain to complete dungeons to maximize the heroes for them to boost experience with each battle. They’ll still get experience in the battle even if you lose them in battles.

Another key issue is you can replay dungeons for more perks and shards. A good strategy is just to do it for the dungeons that have a little loss.

  1. Keep troops in Army Camp

There are various reasons. They’re used for attacking enemies, which is one thing. The icing on the cake is that they can also help to protect your camp. So keeping them trained and being aware of their abilities is one of the keys to victory in the Castle Clash Hack 2017 No Survey Game.

You should also try to upgrade the Army Camp whenever you can. This will also help to give you an edge in the game.

  1. Focus on upgrading buildings that generate resources

Like using a castle clash hack, this will produce better results when playing the game. In theory, you’ll get most resources by raiding, it certainly helps to have a backup. Not only that but when you’re able to rack up resources faster, it’s a plus.

  1. Keep magic ready

Purchase magic in the Relic Hall so you’ll have an edge during battle. Here’s a good strategy. Upgrade Relic Hall to level 6. ASAP. That will allow you to enter battles with 2 spells that can give you a big edge.

  1. Attack with all troops

You don’t lose all your troops in “Castle Clash.” So, it’s important to use all your troops each time you attack the enemy. That’s when you deploy more troops you’ll be able to obliterate the enemy’s defenses faster and also minimize losses.

  1. Upgrade the Town Hall

Not only should you take this action, but also keep doing it. Bigger is better! The better you make your Town Hall, the more buildings/fences/defense units will be unlocked when you upgrade the Town Hall.